Monday, August 18, 2008

Wankers looking to postpone with letter to Gates - they have had 7 years by hook or crook.

The paid Boeing crew on the hill are at it again! After Gates took control and told all 45 days to a new RFP with the GAO changes. Now the political wankers are stalling, they need more time! The real problem is the new RFP doesn't just hand the contract to their boss Boeing. Tiahrt, Dicks, Murray, Bond, Roberts, Akin or as we like to call it the $250,000.00 Boeing contribution wanker ploy. Delay until they are ready, they got the GAO findings incorporated, then they try a bill to hand the contract to Boeing, now they need more time? They have being trying to hand the contract to their boss Boeing for 7 years by hook, crook or politics.

What's missing from the letter? The wankers sound bytes these past months.- Subsidies- American jobs - Outsourcing American defense and why, their bull shit doesn't fly! All they have left is MilCom and stalling for time so Boeing can catch up, they know that won't fly either!

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