Friday, August 22, 2008

Late, Late and Boeing wants more time....

Past Performance a key factor but Boeing wants a 6 month delay to the revised GAO RFP on the Tanker contract. Boeing has already delayed the contract over 7 years with criminal acts and political wankering - Now Boeing wants six months to evaluate the RFP changes they ask for from the GAO! The draft amendment to the KC-X Tanker Request for Proposals addresses the GAO concerns by clarifying in the new RFP. Boeing needs six months to evaluate the changes they wanted or the changes GAO agreed with - so why the extra time for answering the RFP they protested for? What they really wanted is an RFP that just hands the contract to Boeing and stall hoping for a political win come next year to just hand them the contract. Three years late on delivering tankers to Japan and Italy - Airmen sorry, if Boeing gets their hands on the tanker contract kiss this decade and most of the next good bye.

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