Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boeing mulls 'no re-bid' - after 7 years!

Aviation Week - reported that Boeing was "strongly considering" not submitting a bid on the contract. If you don't re-bid how can you do what you do best "protest"! Boeing in all their illegal, political manuvering, protests, media blitz and political pundants have put the Tankers needed by the USAF nearly Seven years behind. Re-bid, lose again, protest again and keeping our airmen at risk for a decade - Boeing knows what's best for the USAF and America. "Thanks for seven years of Boeing bull shit"

Don't let the Boeing manuvering fool you. What's going to happen to Boeings political wankers Tiahrt, Dicks and Murray who have been spouting Boeing non-sense all these years? Boeing paid for them they are Boeing's to leave hanging just like Boeing has done to the airmen, Air Force and America. Boeing has to re-bid - this is just a media pre-protest by Boeing about the GAO updates to the re-bid that failed to just hand the contract to Boeing. It's all - "just more Boeing bull shit"

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