Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tanker Blog 767 Bull Shit Artists of Center for Security Policy - SPEEA and IAM

Boeing caught bribing, caught out sourcing, caught lying...Boeing to pay a $3 million fine for exceeding value limits on the purchases of parts from foreign suppliers for its military products. Boeing Unions have a fit when Boeing out sources wing and tail of 767 to Aeronovali in Italy and Japans JADC. Boeing wins A-10 wings made in America and out sources to Korea KAI. Boeing spokesman Jim Proulx said China is a valued customer and partner, and "it is our intent to continue to grow that relationship far into the future." Translation - Boeing will screw America, the Air Force, the American tax payers and their workers again!

SPEEA and IAM you were loud enough about your jobs when Boeing lost the tanker, what makes you think if Boeing won you would have had a job? - Boeing told you so! STRIKE and demand 100% American made from Boeing military and commercial. STRIKE - you've been feeding on Boeing divisive tactics so long you don't know the difference. STRIKE - or they will outsource the table scraps they toss you now. STRIKE

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