Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gates says rebid Tanker contract

- Will Boeing/Aeronovali/JADC rebid be 100% american made? You made the noise, now live up to it! - What say you Dicks, where are you on american jobs now you pork pig?
- Will Boeing reduce its SSD costs? They said they have the facilities and people, NG dosen't! - Why are Boeing SDD costs so high?
- Will Boeing deliver a new schedule to make up for the lost time they caused the program?
- Boeing/Aeronovali/JADC has a lot of back tracting to do in their new rebid, they made a lot of noise on a number of issues - don't show up without backing up your BS!

- Will Boeing being the 777 forward or stick with the obsolete 767?
- Will NG winning again finally shut Boeing up?


Anonymous said...

If they hold to the original RFP it won't even be a contest. Boeing had the only MEDIUM tanker in the competition.

If they change the RFP enough to make it a LARGE tanker competition, Boeing will cry foul and make them start from the beginning so they can bid a KC-777 aircraft.

If the DOD wants this settled before Bush leaves office, it's going to go to Boeing. If Obama gets elected, it also goes to Boeing. He's already promised it to the unions.

Northrop-Grumman is SO screwed.

Tanker Wankers - by Major "Snuffy" Wilco said...
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Tanker Wankers - by Major "Snuffy" Wilco said...

Thats the entire point what Boeing wants, what Boeing wants, what Boeing wants. Why even waste time with competition let the politicians decide what the USAF needs. After all their command pilot experience of zero trumps the USAF. All of this is just cover for the real issue why? Boeings customers, partners and peers with good reason dislike the "whats good for Boeing is good for America" clap trap. Change Boeings ways from the top down and maybe there will be a chance. How about an all 100% America tanker and a side of Boeing humble pie. Even the French can build airplanes and they own half the world market, Boeing doesn't spell America in any language. If Boeing and their supporters are right make no changes to Boeing at all. The hand writing is on the wall and Boeing had better listen! Boeing has to change or their doom is sealed.

Anonymous said...

Change the proposal and change Boeing.