Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boeing - what really stinks.

What Boeing wants is not what’s good for America. Get the message through that thick self entitlement skin. Something stinks get a good smell downwind of Boeing, your right Patty Murray it doesn't pass the smell test your too close and use to the Boeing smell. A Band-Aid fix or will Boeing actually shake their rotten barrel. Get over yourself even the French can build airplanes and you can't control the world its market like you try in the US. Boeing had to outsource part of their commercial airline business to Italy and Japan just to get Italy and Japans commercial/tanker business while falling short on delivery. Boeing / Aeronovali / JADC get off your made in America hype your not, you sold out US jobs for revenues and bonuses.

The FIA disaster that cost us tax payers nearly $18B. The Boeing leadership turnovers to resignations and prison, pork barrel politics while the list is long and rotten - something stinks from Chicago to Everrett and they may have to finally ask - is that me! Yes it's you!

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