Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boeing farce of "american made"

Boeing and their political pundants spin American jobs right out of the US. Right under your nose. The irony of the situation was not lost on Northrop's PR professionals. The Lockheed/Northrop team had proposed basing all A-10 wing manufacturing work in St. Augustine. Even as Boeing and its tanker allies complain about Northrop's choice of a European tanker aircraft, Northrop's spokesperson said, they took jobs away from American workers to win another contract. The story should make Boeing's tanker supporters a little more reluctant to play the protectionism card. The next time you hear politicians or defense contractors scream about the threat of foreign competition, ask them about KAI's role in Boeings foriegn outsourcing the A-10 wing replacement program.

Boeing's $29,000.00 spin pig Norm Dicks - Congress 6th District Washington State, Home of Boeing!

Boeing World Headquarters, 100 North Riverside Plaza. Around noon, SPEEA will march to Chicago City Hall to draw attention to the $22 million of city-backed incentives used to attract Boeing. Boeing cut more than 35,000 employees from its U.S. workforce in the past three years.

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