Friday, July 4, 2008

Boeing/Aeronovali/JADC 767 Tanker

We'll all hear the things Boeing and their propagandist hope - rebid, flyoff, split award or just hand the contract to the loser - in reality its an Air Force decision to let the contract stand.

Dicks Pig
The propaganda machine from Washington and Kansas will try and stop funding but in truth the budget is already approved. Congressman Norm Dicks of Washington says just give the contract "Dicks Pig" to the loser.

Tiharts Turkey
The best "Tiahrts Turkey" could hope is blocking future payments from next years defense budget. They don’t have enough votes in congress to stop payment. All they can do is try to sell publicly their desperate ideas and fiction to delay the needed Tankers. Ten years airmen have waited - Boeings CFO in jail, the new bid process, the award, the protest. Add to that two more years before Boeing could ever deliver a new tanker provided noting else goes wrong and their foreign suppliers for the nose, wings, tail and rudders can actually deliver.

Paper Cannolli
The Air Force awarded the contract on a number of merits including past performance and confidence in the supplier. Three years late delivering the “Paper Cannolli” the 767 Italian tanker. $18B lost on Boeings FIA disaster, their deplorable relationship on the contracts they have. They couldn’t deliver a fence, how will they complete the SSD and deliver on time in two years from now.

Boeing’s sense of entitlement and arrogance are breathtaking. The propaganda and arrogance of Boeing backers - they think they know better than the Air Force what is needed! They will propose, speculate, and spout propaganda holding our servicemen and the Air Force hostage to their $35B demand.

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