Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Peppermint Patty & Pantsuit Politics

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., Supports the Lease of Boeing Refueling Tankers by the Air Force on the floor of the Senate. Darlene Druyun, an Air Force official assigned to the tanker lease contract and who was hired by Boeing, was convicted of federal crimes for negotiating her job at Boeing while working on the tanker program. She and Boeing's chief financial officer at the time were sent to prison in the scandal. USAF awards tanker contract to Northrop Grumman Corporation not Boeing.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said she was frustrated and angry that the contract was not going to Boeing, shot back: "You can put an American sticker on a plane, but that doesn't make it American-made”. Unless the company that gave Murray $59,300.00 is Boeing and out sources the 767 tanker and 777, 787 American jobs to Italian Aeronovali, China and Japans JADC of MHI, KHI, and FHI. Then is its ok to put a made in America sticker on it as long as the pockets of the pantsuite Boeings filling is Murray's.

Tanker Blog 767 Bull Shit Artists of Center for Security Policy - SPEEA and IAM

Boeing caught bribing, caught out sourcing, caught lying...Boeing to pay a $3 million fine for exceeding value limits on the purchases of parts from foreign suppliers for its military products. Boeing Unions have a fit when Boeing out sources wing and tail of 767 to Aeronovali in Italy and Japans JADC. Boeing wins A-10 wings made in America and out sources to Korea KAI. Boeing spokesman Jim Proulx said China is a valued customer and partner, and "it is our intent to continue to grow that relationship far into the future." Translation - Boeing will screw America, the Air Force, the American tax payers and their workers again!

SPEEA and IAM you were loud enough about your jobs when Boeing lost the tanker, what makes you think if Boeing won you would have had a job? - Boeing told you so! STRIKE and demand 100% American made from Boeing military and commercial. STRIKE - you've been feeding on Boeing divisive tactics so long you don't know the difference. STRIKE - or they will outsource the table scraps they toss you now. STRIKE

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boeing - you can polish a turd but.....

Re-organize to put a new face on Boeing's paper tanker. If it's such a wonderful US aircraft and company why the change? Boeing's CFO in prison for trying to buy off the AirForce to lease their paper tanker, loss of the contract to Northrop and holding on to a thread of GAO hope that their media blitz and paid political pundants will carry them through on the lies of smaller is better and american made.

Boeing farce of "american made"

Boeing and their political pundants spin American jobs right out of the US. Right under your nose. The irony of the situation was not lost on Northrop's PR professionals. The Lockheed/Northrop team had proposed basing all A-10 wing manufacturing work in St. Augustine. Even as Boeing and its tanker allies complain about Northrop's choice of a European tanker aircraft, Northrop's spokesperson said, they took jobs away from American workers to win another contract. The story should make Boeing's tanker supporters a little more reluctant to play the protectionism card. The next time you hear politicians or defense contractors scream about the threat of foreign competition, ask them about KAI's role in Boeings foriegn outsourcing the A-10 wing replacement program.

Boeing's $29,000.00 spin pig Norm Dicks - Congress 6th District Washington State, Home of Boeing!

Boeing World Headquarters, 100 North Riverside Plaza. Around noon, SPEEA will march to Chicago City Hall to draw attention to the $22 million of city-backed incentives used to attract Boeing. Boeing cut more than 35,000 employees from its U.S. workforce in the past three years.

Boeing - PR tail spin

Senator Jeff Sessions - “Today, Boeing is running a two page ad that uses statements from the GAO report to assert that the GAO found the KC-767 to be the best tanker in the competition. This simply is not true.” Jo Bonner - Richard Shelby - Artur Davis

Boeing Italian 767 Tanker

Boeing's vapor tankers

Don't let Boeing pull the Japan, Italian vapor tanker game on the USAF. Boeing is not what's good for America, the war fighter or tax payer. Boeing will outsource more of the Tanker while hiding behind made in America. Northrop will buy a French air frame and still create 48,000 jobs in america, 4,000 more jobs than Boeing, who will tell you the 767 is American -Boeing /Aeronovali/JADC!

Boeing's American Paper Tanker

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boeing - what really stinks.

What Boeing wants is not what’s good for America. Get the message through that thick self entitlement skin. Something stinks get a good smell downwind of Boeing, your right Patty Murray it doesn't pass the smell test your too close and use to the Boeing smell. A Band-Aid fix or will Boeing actually shake their rotten barrel. Get over yourself even the French can build airplanes and you can't control the world its market like you try in the US. Boeing had to outsource part of their commercial airline business to Italy and Japan just to get Italy and Japans commercial/tanker business while falling short on delivery. Boeing / Aeronovali / JADC get off your made in America hype your not, you sold out US jobs for revenues and bonuses.

The FIA disaster that cost us tax payers nearly $18B. The Boeing leadership turnovers to resignations and prison, pork barrel politics while the list is long and rotten - something stinks from Chicago to Everrett and they may have to finally ask - is that me! Yes it's you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gates says rebid Tanker contract

- Will Boeing/Aeronovali/JADC rebid be 100% american made? You made the noise, now live up to it! - What say you Dicks, where are you on american jobs now you pork pig?
- Will Boeing reduce its SSD costs? They said they have the facilities and people, NG dosen't! - Why are Boeing SDD costs so high?
- Will Boeing deliver a new schedule to make up for the lost time they caused the program?
- Boeing/Aeronovali/JADC has a lot of back tracting to do in their new rebid, they made a lot of noise on a number of issues - don't show up without backing up your BS!

- Will Boeing being the 777 forward or stick with the obsolete 767?
- Will NG winning again finally shut Boeing up?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Billboard Seattle - The unions!

Leave the lights alone! - the 3,688 other Aerospace companys and million workers in the USA need them. - Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, AeroJet, Ball Aerospace, Rocketdyne, General Dynamics, Rohr, Loral, Bendix, Aerospace Corporation, Goodrich Corporation, United Technology, General Electric, ARES, AAI, TRW, BAE, Honeywell and the 230 companies and 48,000 American workers for the new KC-45 Tanker for the US Air Force.

Union locals - where are the nose, wings, tail and rudder for the 767 made again? Can you say Aeronovali (Italy) and JADC (Japan)!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Boeing/Aeronovali/JADC 767 Tanker

We'll all hear the things Boeing and their propagandist hope - rebid, flyoff, split award or just hand the contract to the loser - in reality its an Air Force decision to let the contract stand.

Dicks Pig
The propaganda machine from Washington and Kansas will try and stop funding but in truth the budget is already approved. Congressman Norm Dicks of Washington says just give the contract "Dicks Pig" to the loser.

Tiharts Turkey
The best "Tiahrts Turkey" could hope is blocking future payments from next years defense budget. They don’t have enough votes in congress to stop payment. All they can do is try to sell publicly their desperate ideas and fiction to delay the needed Tankers. Ten years airmen have waited - Boeings CFO in jail, the new bid process, the award, the protest. Add to that two more years before Boeing could ever deliver a new tanker provided noting else goes wrong and their foreign suppliers for the nose, wings, tail and rudders can actually deliver.

Paper Cannolli
The Air Force awarded the contract on a number of merits including past performance and confidence in the supplier. Three years late delivering the “Paper Cannolli” the 767 Italian tanker. $18B lost on Boeings FIA disaster, their deplorable relationship on the contracts they have. They couldn’t deliver a fence, how will they complete the SSD and deliver on time in two years from now.

Boeing’s sense of entitlement and arrogance are breathtaking. The propaganda and arrogance of Boeing backers - they think they know better than the Air Force what is needed! They will propose, speculate, and spout propaganda holding our servicemen and the Air Force hostage to their $35B demand.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

State Department fines Boeing $3 million

Boeing has agreed to pay a $3 million fine for exceeding value limits on the purchases of parts from foreign suppliers for its military products.

Entitlement and Arrogance

Jo Bonner says - “It makes one wonder why there was even a competition at all, if the only “acceptable” winner was Boeing. “The company’s sense of entitlement and arrogance are breathtaking".

Remember this is the same Boeing whose officials pleaded guilty and went to jail over corruptly influencing the last tanker contract in 2003.