Saturday, June 28, 2008

Congressional leaders from Washington and Kansas attempt tax coup!

Competition is being tossed out when it comes to Boeing by Washington and Kansas legislators. Tiahrt a fourteen year ex-boeing employee and the senators in Boeings pocket announced pork belly politics is now the name of the game in Washington DC when it comes to spending tax payer’s money. The delegation is calling for handing $35B to Boeing and forgetting about the need for competitive bidding and winning a contract is now not enough for any American company.

The bill doesn't stack the deck in favor of Boeing it simply hands the deck out right by the morally bankrupt to the criminal. Boeing convicted CFO attempted to bribe its way into tax payer pockets and enlists the pork belly pigs of capital hill to help commit the white collar crime of the century.

The GAO on a 111 point protest from Boeing held 103 of the of Boeings protests were not founded. Boeing has no tanker and the tax payers of America get the shaft from Washingtion and Kansas deligation. They want us all to fund their interests when the Air Force rejected their attempt time and time again. There are 48 other states in our union that won't let this happen stand up for fairness, standup for america, standup for the United States Air Force.

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