Saturday, September 6, 2008

IAM Strikes Boeing - say it ain't so!

IAM strikes Boeing - outsourcing Defense and Amerian Jobs overseas? IAM baffled why USAF awards the Tanker contract to Northrop not Boeing. Lou you and IAM are total wankers. Boeing is the military complex worst offender! IAM you back Boeing and then strike Boeing guess the USAF made the right choice NOT to buy a tanker Boeing and IAM have delayed for 7 years.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Late, Late and Boeing wants more time....

Past Performance a key factor but Boeing wants a 6 month delay to the revised GAO RFP on the Tanker contract. Boeing has already delayed the contract over 7 years with criminal acts and political wankering - Now Boeing wants six months to evaluate the RFP changes they ask for from the GAO! The draft amendment to the KC-X Tanker Request for Proposals addresses the GAO concerns by clarifying in the new RFP. Boeing needs six months to evaluate the changes they wanted or the changes GAO agreed with - so why the extra time for answering the RFP they protested for? What they really wanted is an RFP that just hands the contract to Boeing and stall hoping for a political win come next year to just hand them the contract. Three years late on delivering tankers to Japan and Italy - Airmen sorry, if Boeing gets their hands on the tanker contract kiss this decade and most of the next good bye.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wankers looking to postpone with letter to Gates - they have had 7 years by hook or crook.

The paid Boeing crew on the hill are at it again! After Gates took control and told all 45 days to a new RFP with the GAO changes. Now the political wankers are stalling, they need more time! The real problem is the new RFP doesn't just hand the contract to their boss Boeing. Tiahrt, Dicks, Murray, Bond, Roberts, Akin or as we like to call it the $250,000.00 Boeing contribution wanker ploy. Delay until they are ready, they got the GAO findings incorporated, then they try a bill to hand the contract to Boeing, now they need more time? They have being trying to hand the contract to their boss Boeing for 7 years by hook, crook or politics.

What's missing from the letter? The wankers sound bytes these past months.- Subsidies- American jobs - Outsourcing American defense and why, their bull shit doesn't fly! All they have left is MilCom and stalling for time so Boeing can catch up, they know that won't fly either!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boeing mulls 'no re-bid' - after 7 years!

Aviation Week - reported that Boeing was "strongly considering" not submitting a bid on the contract. If you don't re-bid how can you do what you do best "protest"! Boeing in all their illegal, political manuvering, protests, media blitz and political pundants have put the Tankers needed by the USAF nearly Seven years behind. Re-bid, lose again, protest again and keeping our airmen at risk for a decade - Boeing knows what's best for the USAF and America. "Thanks for seven years of Boeing bull shit"

Don't let the Boeing manuvering fool you. What's going to happen to Boeings political wankers Tiahrt, Dicks and Murray who have been spouting Boeing non-sense all these years? Boeing paid for them they are Boeing's to leave hanging just like Boeing has done to the airmen, Air Force and America. Boeing has to re-bid - this is just a media pre-protest by Boeing about the GAO updates to the re-bid that failed to just hand the contract to Boeing. It's all - "just more Boeing bull shit"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Re-bid plus the wankers wrote a bill to try and legislate a Boeing win!

The Tanker re-bid RFP is out and the GAO issues addressed but now the wankers Dicks, Murray and Tiahrt are saying - "Today the Department of Defense (DoD) took the next step and released the new draft Request for Proposal (RFP). After talking with senior officials at the Department of Defense and reviewing some of the changes made to the draft RFP, I continue to have strong reservations about the RFP. So they wrote the Boeing Bill to try and legislation a Boeings win.
The just give the contract to Boeing Bill!
The wankers legislation to hand the contract to Boeing with the Boeing Bill written by the Boeing paid political pack would:
Require the Pentagon to seek a medium-sized tanker like the one Boeing offered. Why - The 767 is the only thing Boeing could possibly build, their bill calls for a Boeing win reguardless of any competition.
Prohibit extra credit for a larger tanker like the one offered by Northrop Grumman and the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co. Why – Boeing can’t compete or exceed the mission with a 767.
Require that a new tanker be capable of refueling all of the planes currently flown by the Air Force, a requirement the Northrop-EADS tanker was unable to meet but was dismissed by the Air Force in the earlier competition. Why – They don’t even have a 767 tanker and fueling obsolete aircraft would give Boeing an advantage since they can't refuel anyting, why not say they can do everything! - ask them what current aircraft!
Require the Pentagon to consider the cost of operating the new tankers over a 40-year life cycle, rather than a 25-year life cycle. That could favor the Boeing plane, which according to one analysis would use $35 billion less fuel over 40 years. Why – They can’t win on 25 years they need 40 years to just try and keep even.

What’s missing from the wankers bill and all their sound bytes these past months.
- Subsidies
American jobs
- Outsourcing American defense
and why, their bull shit doesn't fly!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Boeing's big Subsidy

Bidding war to see who could give the sweetest deal to Boeing in order to land the contract to build Boeing’s new 7E7 jet airliner. Boeing set a June deadline for state legislatures to submit their offers. The document containing the fine print of Washington State’s bid will not be publicly released. In less than three days, on June 11, both political parties gave Boeing the largest handout in Washington State history - an astounding $3.2 billion in tax breaks and $4.2 billion in Boeing-inspired transportation projects. The 7E7 final assembly plant (if built at all) will net only 800-1,200 new jobs.
Through arm-twisting and blackmail, Boeing convinced the state legislature and the media that Washington State is “uncompetitive,” setting in motion a bidding war between states for 800-1,200 new jobs, and identified 99 “recommended” actions for our legislature to enact to make Washington “business friendly.” In response, the legislature cut spending for public needs and devoted their time and our tax-dollars to Boeing and a few other multinational corporations. One union leader, interviewed afterward, referred to it as "the day corporate greed won."
It’s incredible to see the details of this deal, which was the biggest tax write-off in state history. Here is only part of what was implemented by the Washington state legislators last year on Boeing’s behalf: